About Tom

"He has a genuine quality you don't find with many voice talents. He's smart. And that goes a long way with voice talent. He has to interpret the content as if he had that thought himself." ”

— Blade Kotelly, Nuance

If you’ve ever placed a phone call, turned on a TV or radio, walked through an airport or needed help navigating to some unknown destination, you’ve inevitably heard Tom Glynn’s voice. Tom has one of the most distinct, recognizable voices in the world and is heard by millions of people everyday.

After spending a decade as an on-air talent for some of Boston’s top stations, he has gone on to become a familiar voice on both radio and TV as a highly sought-after commercial voice actor. His friendly, conversational tone eventually led to becoming the voice of countless speech recognition phone systems for major companies such as Apple, Bank of America, United, CVS, Dish and Tracfone.

A computerized version of Tom’s voice is now one of the most widely heard text to speech voices in existence, and he can be heard daily as the voice inside the iPhone for its VoiceOver function, the Amazon Kindle, and Garmin GPS as well as being heard everywhere from the Phoenix Airport to the National Weather Service.

He has been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on NPR.

Tom is also an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter. He attributes his finely-tuned voice acting ear, in part, to his musical training,